2023 Outlook – Macroeconomic challenges to exacerbate ESG credit risks


Moody’s Investors Service seeks feedback on proposed analytical framework for Net Zero Assessments


Moody’s Road to COP 27

From Climate Week NYC through to COP 27, Moody’s explored climate risk and opportunity. #MoodysonClimate

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Moody’s expands capacity to provide Second Party Opinions on sustainable debt

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Moody’s 2021 Stakeholder Sustainability Report

Explore the ways we are advancing our efforts to create a Better Business, support Better Lives, and offer Better Solutions


Moody’s 2021 TCFD Report

Read about our climate leadership and progress on transitioning to net-zero

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Moody's Sustainability

We are placing sustainability at the core of Moody's business, building better business, better lives and better solutions to create long-term value for society, the environment and the economy.