Just Transition
Are emerging market entities prepared to manage the social implications of global decarbonization?
This report brings together research and analysis from across Moody’s to examine the social implications of pursuing a just transition, as well as the role of sustainable finance in bringing it about.
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Post-COP27, focus turns to climate financing

November 22, 2022
In this episode of The Big Picture, Moody’s analysts assess the major policy announcements from the COP 27 climate summit and what they mean for the sovereign and corporate credit environment and for climate risk modeling.

Banks, insurers aim for net zero emissions as risks rise from extreme weather, carbon transition

November 16, 2022
In this episode of Focus on Finance, Moody’s analysts discuss Japan's rising natural catastrophe risks, and explain what's driving banks' and insurers' net zero plans.

Emerging markets with stronger governance, diversified economies best placed to achieve socially “just transition”

November 9, 2022
In this episode of Emerging Markets Decoded, Moody’s analysts discuss the potential social ramifications of climate action and explore emerging markets’ relative readiness for a “just transition.”
November 7, 2022
ESG factors have some negative credit impact on half of debt issuers across public and private sectors

Eighteen percent of credit ratings would be higher but for ESG exposures, with more reflecting some negative ESG credit impact.

October 3, 2022
Carbon transition and physical climate risks shape corporates’ credit profiles

Governance, business profile and time horizon can mitigate risks for some corporates highly exposed to carbon transition and physical climate risks

September 20, 2022
Rated European RLGs face moderately negative credit risks from climate change

Southern and Central Eastern Europe regional and local governments (RLGs) face high exposures, mainly from the compound effects of water and heat stress. Rated RLGs, mainly in Western Europe, have low sensitivity to physical climate risks and are implementing specific actions to boost their resilience

September 16, 2022
Catastrophe losses and claims inflation squeeze global reinsurers’ profitability

Higher prices and strong capital counter negative effects over next 12-18 months

May 23, 2022
Global structured finance: ESG-tied credit risks include consumer and regulatory scrutiny, climate exposure

Environmental risks include emissions standards and climate exposure that pose asset value risk to transactions' underlying collateral. For social risk, consumer preference and regulatory scrutiny are key issues. Governance risk encompasses compliance with and interpretation of transaction documents.



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