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Moody’s ESG Solutions Group appoints global head of ESG measures
Moody’s global commitment to promoting transparent standards for evaluating ESG risks is enhanced by strategic partnerships.
Chief Strategy Officer, Moody's Shared Services
Moody's ESG Affiliates
Environmental, Social and Governance and climate change considerations are critical to managing risk and seizing opportunities in today’s global capital markets. At Moody’s, we are committed to systematically and transparently integrating ESG considerations into credit ratings and risk management solutions. Working with our affiliates, we are also developing stand-alone market-leading ESG, sustainable finance and climate risk data, assessments and solutions to meet the growing needs of issuers, investors and policymakers around the world.
Stand-alone ESG, Sustainable Finance & Climate Risk Solutions
  • Data, scores and tools
  • Serve demand for both 'values' and 'materiality' assessments
  • Data, scores and tools
  • Systematic evaluation of climate change and physical risks
ESG Integration into Credit Ratings & Separate Risk Management Solutions
credit ratings
  • Integration of ESG and climate change risk into credit analysis
  • Supporting relevance and credibility of credit ratings
  • Using MIS’s proprietary tools, as well as data and analytics from V.E and Four Twenty Seven
  • Climate change risk modelling and scenarios
  • Green stress testing
  • Integration with credit data and analytics
  • Commercial real estate
Headquartered in Berkeley, California
Four Twenty Seven is a leading publisher and provider of market intelligence on the economic risk of climate change. Four Twenty Seven scores physical risks associated with climate-related hazards and other environmental issues, including heat stress, water stress, floods, hurricanes and typhoons, and sea level rise.
Four Twenty Seven was founded in October 2012 and is driven by the conviction that businesses have a critical role to play in building resilience if provided with the right tools and guidance.
VIew website
Headquartered in Berkeley, California, Four Twenty Seven is rooted in the culture of technological innovation, social awareness and environmental stewardship of the San Francisco Bay Area.
Headquartered in the Chaoyang District of Beijing, China
SynTao Green Finance is a leading provider of ESG data and analytics based in and serving China. SynTao Green Finance provides ESG data and ratings, green bond verification, and green finance solutions to financial institutions and corporates in China. The company also provides thought leadership on ESG to policy-makers.
SynTao Green Finance was the first Chinese signatory joining the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI) as a service provider, the first Climate Bonds Initiative Approved Verifier in China, and the sole Chinese green bond verifier within the first advisory council of Green Bond / Social Bond Principles by International Capital Markets Association (ICMA).
VIew website
With its stake in SynTao Green Finance, Moody’s strengthened its presence and engagement in China and its financial markets, with a focus on supporting long-term, sustainable growth and contributing to the healthy development of ESG markets.
V.E, a pioneered ESG analysis in 2002 founded by Nicole Notat.
V.E is a global leader in ESG assessments, data and tools supporting the investor and issuer communities. Using our extensive database and our team of over 100 in-house experts, we equip market players with the ESG insights they need to manage risks and capitalize on opportunities.
V.E evaluates organizations’ integration of ESG factors into their strategies, operations and management – with a focus on promoting economic performance, responsible investment and sustainable value creation.
VIew website
In April 2019, Moody’s acquired a majority stake in V.E, furthering Moody’s ongoing commitment to enhancing transparency and creating standards in ESG.