Moody’s named European ESG Data Provider of the Year 2022
Moody’s was praised for the ESG Score Predictor, which provides financial institutions with essential quantitative data, allowing them to identify ESG risk across their global supply chains and investment portfolios.
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ESG Data: Bringing order to the chaos
Understand how changing expectations and behaviors among market participants are shaping the ESG data and analytics industry.
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“The time is now for smaller companies to integrate ESG principles into their business models and operations.”
Gain insight into how increasing non-financial reporting requirements for multinationals are creating opportunities for SMEs.
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Moody’s ESG360
Clarity at your fingertips
A new platform for portfolio managers that delivers decision-relevant ESG data and insights
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More than a news alert
Access decision-relevant perspectives on the ESG risks and controversies.
Controversy Risk Assessments
Gain a deep understanding of EU Taxonomy alignment across your investment universe
Taxonomy Alignment Screening
Moody's ESG Solutions launches a new offering to help investors align strategies with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals
SDG Alignment Screening
Insightful. Inclusive. Informed.
ESG Measures
ESG risks and opportunities are transforming our planet. Today’s leaders need access to high quality and granular ESG data, controversy monitoring and screening capabilities to innovate, manage and perform.

Moody’s settles for nothing less than delivering an all-encompassing perspective on the ESG domain. Through a combination of ESG data, scores, assessments and analytics, we provide relevant and verified ESG intelligence – presented and delivered how you need it.

By viewing the ESG landscape through a double materiality lens – and diving into critical sustainability issues and themes – we champion a domain-defining, rigorous and consistent approach to ESG analysis that considers the impact on multiple stakeholders. As a result, our trusted data, scores and assessments enable you to distinguish meaning from noise – and make better, more sustainable decisions.
With Moody's ESG Solutions, you can

Monitor and analyze the ESG performance of companies, sovereigns and other entities

Inform portfolio strategy, construction and evaluation based on trusted ESG metrics

Access the data necessary for reporting against the SFDR and EU Taxonomy regulations

Incorporate ESG considerations within Know-Your-Customer (KYC) onboarding

Map supply chain risk

Construct innovative ESG indices, ETFs, benchmarks and structured products

Our Comprehensive Offering
With Moody’s, you can access clearly-labelled data – aligned to globally recognized standards and regulatory taxonomies – that brings credibility to your analyses, product innovation and reporting.
ESG Scores & Assessments
Powered by a double materiality lens, ESG scores and assessments on entities ranging from large-cap companies to SMEs, and sovereigns and sub-sovereigns. Verified and modeled scores, as well as analyst-led assessments are available.
Negative and positive screening data to inform asset stewardship, portfolio management and construction of labelled funds or indices.
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Portfolio Review Services
Reporting tools for documenting a portfolio’s ESG performance. Fully customizable reports to suit individual needs.
ESG Controversy Monitoring & Alerts
Aggregated assessments of a company’s exposure to and management of ESG controversies. Accessible via daily alerts or a dashboard view displaying historical exposures and responses.
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Normative Standard Screening
Granular data to facilitate the screening of investments against the UN Global Compact and UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) frameworks.
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Regulatory Data Solutions
Comprehensive and transparent datasets to support Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) reporting and EU Taxonomy alignment screening.
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Index Solutions
Trusted data and assessments and product lifecycle support to build, launch and maintain index products related to various asset classes, geographies and themes (including climate, biodiversity, wellbeing, gender).
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Our Coverage
In a rapidly changing environment, the lifeblood of analyzing the ESG domain is comprehensive coverage. Without it, truths around sustainability performance remain hidden, responsibilities unfulfilled and opportunities unrealized.

Using a combination of enriched and verified data, analyst-led assessments and predicted scores, we provide ESG and Climate information on more than 300 million public and private companies globally. The result is accountable insight that enables you to make sustainable decisions with confidence.
Our Approach
Double materiality is the cornerstone of our approach. By understanding how risks in the global economy are interconnected, we evaluate a company's impact on the environment and the communities it serves, including shareholders, employees and suppliers. And, crucially, we consider how the outside world impacts a company’s long-term performance.
A Suite Designed for Every ESG Need
Use cases:
  • Enhance strategic and operational resilience
  • Inputs for pricing non-traditional, ESG risks into products
  • Better capital and solvency management decisions
  • Improve your ability to meet regulatory reporting requirements
  • Entity-level ESG scoring for loan origination
  • Portfolio monitoring and alerts
Use cases:
  • Improve ability to exercise fiduciary responsibilities
  • Improve your ability to meet regulatory reporting requirements
  • Enhance strategic and operational resilience
  • Inform investment and diversification decisions
  • Build innovative ESG indices and structured products
  • Gain inputs for ESG portfolio services
Use cases:
  • Enhance strategic and operational resilience
  • Gain a more holistic view of non-financial risks
  • Granular insight for stakeholder management and investor relations practices
  • ESG scoring for procurement and supplier onboarding
  • Inform know-your-customer (KYC) and know-your-supplier (KYS) protocols
  • Supplier portfolio monitoring and alerts
Learn how we can help you make better decisions
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Aaron Wood
Head of Moody's ESG Sales – Americas
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