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Moody’s ESG360
Clarity at your fingertips
Innovate, manage and perform

Analyze portfolios

Screen target companies

Mitigate risks

Conduct extensive ESG research

Respond to stakeholder reporting requirements

Moody’s ESG360
Delivers transparent, decision-relevant Climate and ESG data and insights for portfolio managers
Key Features

Easy to use

  • Search entities in the Moody’s ESG universe
  • Upload your portfolios for screening
  • Export data and reports with ease


  • Access data with clearly labelled lineage and relevance to international standards
  • View our consistent and rigorous methodological approach


  • Understand your portfolio’s climate risk profile
  • Screen for industry leaders and laggards by sector or region
  • Analyze company metrics, scores and controversies in real time
What’s on Moody’s ESG360?
Access verified ESG and climate data for 10,000 large companies globally:
Physical Risk
  • Percentage of company facilities exposed to physical risk
  • Exposure across six physical risk hazards
Transition Risk
  • Carbon Footprint
  • Temperature Alignment
  • Brown Share Data
  • Green Share Data
ESG Data
  • Controversies Data

Further coverage expansions coming soon.

Moody’s ESG360
Clarity at your fingertips

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Head of Moody's ESG Sales – Americas
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Head of Moody’s ESG Sales – EMEA
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Head of Moody’s ESG Sales – Asia Pacific
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